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Re: x11/qt5-qtbase dependency on libdrm on Linux?

Am Mon, 24 May 2021 22:22:41 +0000
schrieb nia <>: 

> On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 08:33:38PM +0200, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
> > There's this other block already for GL/MesaLib stuff. It's inside
> > !Darwin already. Does this patch make more sense?  
> yes, this is better, although:
> - the style of the conditional should be consistent with the
>   other one

I.e. it shouldn't trigger a syntax error … a typo with the

> - MESALIB_SUPPORTS_DRI will already be no on Darwin, so we
>   don't need to wory about that. Including
>   actually has no side effects and does not force a dependency
>   on Mesa (currently) so it doesn't need to be conditionalized

Hm. The whole block is

.if ${OPSYS} != "Darwin"
.include "../../fonts/fontconfig/"
.include "../../graphics/glu/"
.  if !empty(MESALIB_SUPPORTS_EGL:Myes)
PLIST.egl=      yes
.  endif
.  if !empty(MESALIB_SUPPORTS_DRI:Myes)
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       -kms
.include "../../x11/libdrm/"
.  endif
BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libxcb+=  libxcb>=1.11
.include "../../x11/libxcb/"
.include "../../x11/xcb-util/"
.include "../../x11/xcb-util-image/"
.include "../../x11/xcb-util-keysyms/"
.include "../../x11/xcb-util-renderutil/"
.include "../../x11/xcb-util-wm/"
.include "../../x11/libSM/"
.include "../../x11/libX11/"
.include "../../x11/libXext/"
.include "../../x11/libXcursor/"
.include "../../x11/libXft/"
.include "../../x11/libXi/"
.include "../../x11/libXmu/"
.include "../../x11/libXrandr/"
.include "../../x11/libXrender/"
.include "../../x11/libxkbcommon/"

It does not include by itself, but by way of glu. The EGL
check was present, I only added DRI. This seems a nice grouping of the
X11 stuff that is not relevant for Darwin. Should I create a separate
section outside that just for DRI?

Alrighty then,

Dr. Thomas Orgis
HPC @ Universität Hamburg

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