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Re: math/py-scikit-learn with OPENMP, at least on Linux?

Am Sun, 23 May 2021 18:43:10 -0500
schrieb Jason Bacon <>: 

> > Can anyone chime in who is actually using parallel/openmp? Where?  
> 3 packages are including it unconditionally:
> pkg-grep parallel/openmp/
> /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc/wip/qzdoom/Makefile:#.include 
> "../../parallel/openmp/"
> /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc/graphics/darktable/Makefile:.include 
> "../../parallel/openmp/"
> /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc/graphics/luminance-hdr/Makefile:.include 
> "../../parallel/openmp/"
> Do you think this is wrong on gcc-based systems?  I don't use any of 
> these packages, so cannot attest as to whether they work properly on 
> NetBSD or Linux.

I guess it does not really hurt as gcc -fopenmp uses its own
implementation and the other is just there. It for sure seems
unnecessary. I also did not test these packages from pkgsrc. One might
ask Adam … who did the update to darktable …

I was only becoming aware of a separate OpenMP lib being a thing through

where it is mentioned that one can install libomp with Homebrew.

Alrighty then,


Dr. Thomas Orgis
HPC @ Universität Hamburg

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