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Re: Boost

nia <> writes:

> I think there's a strong argument for the boost packages
> to be versioned - currently so much breaks every time a new version
> is released, and someone's toes get stepped on.
> Clearly there are people that want the newest version, but I can't
> stand repeatedly patching the same software every time a boost update
> is committed.
> Installing each boost version to its own isolated directories,
> correct version gets selected seems the best way to end this
> cycle.
> IMO, the boost version should be frozen as it stands currently,
> and any update should be committed to a new package directory.
> Most others seem to have had the same idea:

I tend to agree, but I wonder how often the newest version is really
necessary/useful, and what boost does about security/maintenance patches
on previous versions.

So I wonder about pkgsrc having a boost update policy of:

  boost minor version increases only allowed during month 1 of a branch

  boost minor version update only allowed to versions that have been
  released for 6 months (maybe that's not the right number)

  (maybe) bulk build and all fallout fixed before commit

on the theory that

  boost is unstable

  things that use boost have an obligation to have a prompt release that
  works with the new boost release, arguably even before the boost
  release, while continuing to work with older versions back at least a

  lots of things aren't as well maintained as they should be

As for the question of having to flip packages to new boost, I see that
as far far easier than panicked fixing.

To me the real downside of versioned boost is A->B1.76 and C->B1.77 and
A->C or something like that.  It is not clear to me that mixed a boost
pkgsrc build is sound.

In summary, I am seriously posing the question of whether we'd be better
off with 6 month old boost always, than versioned boost.

What bad things would happen with slightly old boost always?

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