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With the renewed interest in our MySQL infrastructure, it's about time I merged some patches I've been sitting on for far too many years. As some of you know, I added various MySQL forks, primarily Percona, and support for multi packages.

Here's an initial cut at an updated

It's not quite the same as what we have in our fork, I took the time to update it a little, and as yet it doesn't support all the extra Percona packages or multi packages. It does however:

- Avoid shouting in package names (the shouty names are still supported for those using them).

- Switch to proper pkg_info checks for if a package is installed, rather than hardcoding a bunch of library names to look for.

- Abstract away the differences between each version, making adding new ones trivial.

  - Simplify the version selection.

Once this is in I can look at merging in some of the newer Percona packages. We'll leave the multi package support to later, as that's a bit more invasive.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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