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missing system search paths for pkg-config


pkgsrc tries to include system paths in devel/pkg-config and
devel/pkgconf, like

PKGCONFIG_EXTRA_PATHS+= /usr/lib/pkgconfig

PKGCONFIG_PATHS+=       ${PREFIX}/share/pkgconfig
PKGCONFIG_PATHS+=       /usr/lib/pkgconfig

What is missing here, are the actual paths with most of the .pc files
on a current Ubuntu system, with multiarch. Most are in


To get more into detail, this is the full default search path list:

$ strings /usr/bin/pkg-config |grep /pkgconfig|tr : '\n'

Now, the guessing of only part of that is not optimal. I fixed this by
setting a full PKG_CONfIG_PATH in our HPC shell module environment, but
the intention of pkgsrc seems to not to require that.

How should this be fixed? Hardcode a list of directories? Search with
guesses using the correct host string (arch-linux-foo)? Poke

Alrighty then,


Dr. Thomas Orgis
HPC @ Universität Hamburg

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