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Re: QT LTS no longer open source

On 12 Jan 2021, at 16:19, Greg Troxel wrote:

QT is no longer applying fixes to the open-source versions of the LTS branches.

open-core (new features being proprietary) is one thing, but it seems
surprising to make security fixes proprietary.

I remember the QT/GTK kerfluffle with gnome and kde long ago, where the gnome people were concerned about QT not really being Free Software and
thinking it best not to use it.   It seems they were right :-(

It seems obvious that there might be a Free maintenance fork, but not
much else is obvious.   I'm curious if anyone knows anything concrete.

FWIW, I asked a colleague who has spent a lot of time with Qt, and he said "As far as I recall, this has how it's gone for most of the major releases. It sounds like there are issues around the state of 6.x and why folks have not ported to it over the past 6+ months that aggravate the inflammation. That's unfortunate. It will hinder folks that want to move to 6.x, but need some module or feature that was not carried from 5 to 6."

It's not clear to me either what open source packagers are expected to do here. I guess we keep watching the situation until the choices become more evident.

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