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Re: compilation of x11/qt5-qtwebkit on pkgsrc-2020Q4 branch

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Aymeric Vincent <> writes:
>> I started following the pkgsrc-2020Q4 branch and noticed that I need to
>> put back the line
>> in the Makefile of x11/qt5-qtwebkit to make it compile[, possibly because
>> PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT is set to 39 in my /etc/mk.conf].
> FWIW, I have this built on a netbsd-9/adm64 that is just about at
> 2020Q4.  The pkgsrc checkout actually is a tiny bit newer, but I don't
> think anything important has changed.  It is installed as a dependency
> of merkaator and qgis, for me, and that all built fine as I kept doing
> pkg_rr leading up to the branch.
> It has also been building fine in the bulk builds of pkgsrc-current on
> NetBSD 9.  A fail breaks about 75 packages, so it would be really
> obvious vs a package breaking 10  being a big deal, and I don't remember
> seeing it.
> So it seems to build fine with 38, the default.

I built on 9/amd64 with

  make PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=39 package

and indeed it fails like you say.

I have added PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE=39, which results in using 3.8
even if the default is 3.9.

I'm not going to submit a pullup; please update that dir to current and
test, or add the line in manually.

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