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Re: PKG_DBDIR migration script

I got a few comments, including about location.

First, I view this script as temporary, having a lifetime of more than
one quarterly branch but probably not more than a year.  I would like to
avoid a bikeshed discussion and concentrate on what really matters for
our users to have an ok time.

One suggested putting it in mk, to avoid cluttering top level.  My
initial reaction is that while there are some scripts in there, it's not
where anybody expects them, and this is aimed at regular users who may
not dig into the files more than to run 'make package-install'.  My
judgement is that there is no real pain from clutter and that if regular
users can find it more easily, that's worth it.   And in any case, it's
not a big eal.

Another suggested postinstall in NetBSD base.  This script needs to be
used by anyone with new pkgsrc, on any version of NetBSD, supported or
not.  It also needs to be used by people who have updated the base
system but not pkgsrc, but I expect those people are rare.  I am trying
to find a path which solves the problems of ordinary users and is as
simple as possible, at the expense of elegance.

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