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librsvg vs librsvg-c in bulk builds

For reference, see the following bulk build where many packages
using librsvg fail in the depends stage:


> pkg_add: A different version of librsvg-2.40.21nb5 is already installed: librsvg-2.48.3nb3

What makes this bulk build interesting is that librsvg gets built BUT
librsvg-c is preferred, which forces an earlier version dependency:

BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.librsvg+= librsvg<2.41

I'd guess that this is broken due to pkg_add always preferring to
install the newer version.

Should graphics/librsvg be explicitly skipped in bulk build setups
that prefer librsvg-c? Should the PKGBASE of librsvg-c be changed
so that it's not the same as librsvg?

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