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Re: security/mozilla-rootcerts and mozilla-rootcerts-openssl

Ryo ONODERA <> writes:

> Hi,
> pkgsrc/security/mozilla-rootcerts/MESSAGE contains the following
> explanation.
>> Execute this command to extract and rehash all CA root certificates
>> distributed by the Mozilla Project, so that they can be used by third
>> party applications using OpenSSL. It also creates a single file
>> certificate bundle in PEM format which can be used by applications using
>> GnuTLS.
>>        # mozilla-rootcerts install
> It seems that an equivalent command in security/mozilla-rootcerts-openssl
> package.
> I think that it should be rewrite to recommend to use
> security/mozilla-rootcerts-openssl package.

Agreed that documentation should point to the mozilla-rootcerts-openssl
package.  That's what it is for.

However, I don't think MESSAGE is appropriate; this is just regular
read-the-docs post-install config.  So I removed MESSAGE content that
was redundant with the hint in DESCR that one might want
mozilla-rootcerts-openssl, and I put the gnupg2 content into a
newly-installed documentation file.

Probably someone should create a mozilla-rootcerts-gnupg2 package that
automates the gnup2 config.

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