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Re: Replace x11/zenity with version 3.x (was Re: wip/zenity: Request for review)

On Sun, 8 Nov 2020 at 18:16:20 +0100, Dan Cîrnaț wrote:

> The version in wip/zenity is 3.32.0, while x11/zenity is at 2.32.1
> Only wm/marco and x11/gdm(is anyone using gdm-2.x?) have
> x11/zenity as dependency.
> OpenBSD, Gentoo, Debian, Arch only have zenity-3.x in their repos.
> I propose to drop zenity-2.x from pkgsrc. It's an old version that
> depends on GTK2. Posting here since as there's been concerns
> about the change in another discussion.
> Are there any objections? The alternative would be to import
> wip/zenity as x11/zenity3 and have a `zenity3` binary name.

wm/marco should work fine with Zenity 3.x, it's integrated that way
elsewhere. If that's the only remaining concern, I think the newer
Zenity version should just replace what we have now. If someone really
wants the older x11/gdm and needs the older Zenity, I'd prefer that the
older one is renamed zenity2 (along with renaming the older gdm, to
denote that is crufty software). I haven't tested the newer Zenity in
wip with Marco, but I could try it.



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