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Re: NGINX Unit pkgsrcs

On 17.11.2020 23:11, Sergey A. Osokin wrote:
Hi there,

I've created several pkgsrcs in WIP, so I'm looking for a way to review those.
The pkgsrcs I've created are for NGINX Unit,, a poliglot
application server, a reverse proxy and a static file server.

Just a bit of terminology.  What you created were not pkgsrcs but simply
packages.  The word pkgsrc is only used for the system as a whole.

So, here is the list of the pksrcs for review (all of those are in

I had a look at them, and they look really well-done and nontrivial,
involving rc.d scripts and so on.

I don't understand unit/files/patch-auto-modules-php.  The deleted and
the added line look exactly the same.  That's something pkglint doesn't
check for, since it doesn't expect something like this to ever appear.
And in the last 15 years it indeed never happened.

Is the patch intended to be fixed upstream? Then you should mention the
bug report in the patch, above the "---".

Instead of, you can just call that file
Repeating the word "unit" is not necessary.

Running pkglint is a good idea.  And if pkglint doesn't complain
anymore, try pkglint -Wall.  It keeps some surprises for you.

All in all, the packages look very good already.


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