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Re: qt5-qtlocation missing geoclue plugin files (dbus in qtbase)

Hi Thomas,

On 11/16/20, Dr. Thomas Orgis <> wrote:
>> so that might explain the missing files. Should one introduce a PLIST
>> conditional, then, that reflects the PKG_OPTIONS.qt5 setting of dbus?
> How about the attached change? I suppose the plugin is not really
> Linux-specific but only depending on dbus.

I fixed this issue in pkgsrc trunk:

You are right that the plugin is not intended to be Linux-specific due to

+= geoclue
+= geoclue2

However, on pkgsrc, the OS-specific qmake mkspecs are replaced with a
pkgsrc version. Only on Linux does it contain QMAKE_PLATFORM += linux:

This means that the freebsd|openbsd|netbsd conditions always evaluate
to false, even on one of those platforms.

I think this should be fixed, but I wasn't sure of the fallout so I
left it alone.

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