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Re: [PATCH] make devel/netcdf depend on libpsl to avoid picking it up from the outside (and failing)


I gripped the netcdf source code and couldn’t find a reference to libpsl.

This seems like an indirect failure caused by something else.

> On 13.11.2020, at 17:23, Dr. Thomas Orgis <> wrote:
> Hi,
> another little fix: devel/netcdf apparently finds and wants to use
> libpsl from the host system. This breaks the build if the buildlinks
> are not aware of that dependency. Since we got www/libpsl, the attached
> patch adds the dependency for more robust building.
> Alrighty then,
> Thomas
> -- 
> Dr. Thomas Orgis
> HPC @ Universität Hamburg
> <devel-netcdf-libpsl.patch>

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