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Re: Where are we on changing python from 37 to 38?

>>> Is 37 starting to be crufty?  Is 38 starting to be a better choice?
>> I am questioning the premise. Why are we not going to 3.9 directly?
>> One of the goals of Python 3 has been that changing minor versions
>> should be relatively painless compared to, say, 2.5 to 2.6.
> I'll be somewhat less inflammatory than my esteemed colleague :-)
> My perception has been that every 3.x update has caused problems, at least in the scale of pkgsrc.   I dimly remember seeing a substantially non-zero number of "doesn't work with 3.8; have to use 3.7" comments.
> So, it seemed obvious to me, given that there is a pattern of compatibility issues and them getting resolved, that we should be changing the default after that has shaken out for a new version.
> Have you looked at bulk builds to see how many py-foo packages build in each of 3.x versions?
> Do you really think that if we flipped to 3.9 nothing would break?
> Have you done that on your own system?

There are some packages that are not ready for 3.9, like databases/py-peewee.

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