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Re: Preferred (11) JDK and NetBSD

David Brownlee <> writes:

> Currently mk/ has
> _PKG_JVMS.9=           adoptopenjdk11-bin openjdk-bin openjdk11
> Which sets the default JVM to adoptopenjdk11-bin when USE_JAVA2=9
> This is not an ideal situation for NetBSD, as both adoptopenjdk11-bin
> and openjdk-bin are Linux binaries. In this case openjdk11 would
> probably make a better default. Would anyone object to me adjusting
> this to:
> +# adoptopenjdk11-bin openjdk-bin do not provide native NetBSD binaries
> +.if ${OPSYS} == "NetBSD"
> +_PKG_JVMS.9=           openjdk11 adoptopenjdk11-bin openjdk-bin
> +.else
>  _PKG_JVMS.9=           adoptopenjdk11-bin openjdk-bin openjdk11
> +.endif

If it builds on all places the linux binary works, no objection from me.

Aguably we should be picking the source ones first everywhere, as this
is pkgsrc not pkgbin, as someone eloquently and crankily said earlier.
But java seems to have a binary culture, so maybe not.

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