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List PKGPATH in build-depends-list target

			Hi tech-pkg@,

while scripting around "make build-depends-list" in pkgsrc, I found the need to obtain $PKGPATH (e.g. pkgtools/pkg instead of pkg-

There is already support for alternative information with "make PACKAGE_NAME_TYPE=html build-depends-list". The patch attached implements the behaviour I'm looking for with "make PACKAGE_NAME_TYPE=path build-depends-list".

Is it something I could commit?

In practice the users of PACKAGE_NAME_TYPE=html could even be implemented with a combination of PACKAGE_NAME_TYPE=path and PACKAGE_NAME_TYPE=name instead; or "make build-depends-list" could always output:
and then all of the relevant information would be there in one call (this might break existing software and scripts though).

Let me know,
commit 96b277e6224c0ee4e400f0d6c6231cf8995f1f12
Author: Pierre Pronchery <>
Date:   Mon Oct 26 11:57:47 2020 +0100

    Support PKGPATH with "make package-name"

diff --git a/mk/ b/mk/
index d04d0d755cdf..66b3d2dac7cb 100644
--- a/mk/
+++ b/mk/
@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@ _HTML_PKGLINK=		<a href="../../${PKGPATH}/README.html">${PKGNAME}</a>
 .  if (${PACKAGE_NAME_TYPE} == "html")
+.  elif (${PACKAGE_NAME_TYPE} == "path")
 .  else

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