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Re: textproc/pygments: Update to 2.7.2 (patch included)

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 10:32:02AM +0000, Michael-John Turner wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 10:50:19AM +0100, Adam wrote:
> > v2.6 drops support for Python 2.7.
> > We have to deal with that first, somehow. :)
> Ah yes, good point.
> Perhaps renaming py-pygments to py-pygments25 (indicating that it's not
> going to move beyond v2.5.x) for Python 2.7-only packages to depend on is an
> option? py-pygments could then be a Python 3.x-only package. Some changes
> to dependencies may be required (so that Python 2.7-only packages depend on
> py-pygments25 rather than py-pygments). Of course the problem is that
> py-pygments25 and py-pygments couldn't be installed at the same time unless
> there was some patching of all Python 2.7 packages that used it (and I
> don't think that's an exercise worth undertaking).
> Something similar-ish is in place for BeautifulSoup but it's made a lot
> easier by the two Python modules having different names. py-ipython and
> py-ipython5 seem to be another case but I've not looked at them too closely.
> Thoughts? :)

We have a framework for that, see
pkgsrc/lang/python/  The standard procedure
is to import the last python 2.x version under a different directory,
limit it to python 2.7, switch all users to
and update the existing package to the latest version, limiting it to
python 3.x.

The packages won't conflict because the PKGNAMEs are py27-* and py3*.

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