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Re: www/firefox on NetBSD/aarch64

From: Tobias Nygren <>
Subject: Re: www/firefox on NetBSD/aarch64
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 14:38:13 +0200

>> > www/firefox on NetBSD/aarch64:
>> > /mnt/aarch64/pkgsrc/www/firefox/work.aarch64/firefox-82.0/js/src/jit/arm64/vixl/MozCpu-vixl.cpp:46:6: error:
>> >       "Missing platform-specific declarations for membarrier syscall!"
>> > #    error "Missing platform-specific declarations for membarrier syscall!"
>> It seems to use a Linux specific syscall to force all the sibling
>> threads to flush their ICache for background JIT purposes. We don't
>> have anything like that to my knowledge. But it looks like we can
>> comment out this code and make CanFlushICacheFromBackgroundThreads
>> return false. I will test and commit if that works OK.
> This solution worked for me. Committed to pkgsrc.

works well,

Jun Ebihara

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