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SQLite3 and JSON1


chat/matrix-synapse requires JSON support in SQLite3. The SQLite3 source code does not enable it by default, but the SQLite3 build system does by default. See However, we build it without specifying the same flags as SQLite3's build system does by default: See external/public-domain/sqlite/lib/Makefile

This results in pkgsrc SQLite3 and base SQLite3 to have a different feature set. py-sqlite3 by default depends on system SQLite3, so we end up with a py-sqlite3 that just fails at runtime to use JSON. Which is why matrix-synapse doesn't work, and currently has a MESSAGE that says you need to prefer pkgsrc SQLite3.

I assume a lot of Python software has this assumption, so I would propose that py-sqlite3 should always depend on pkgsrc SQLite3. A lot of C software will have the same assumption (regular SQLite3 does come with JSON1 - we're being odd here), but this software can just depend on pkgsrc SQLite3. However Python software can not do that easily, as py-sqlite3 also needs to link pkgsrc SQLite3 then.

Any objections to making py-sqlite3 always use pkgsrc SQLite3?


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