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Re: New BLAS/LAPACK system

On 10/14/20 4:51 AM, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:

Also: can we import wip/cblas and wip/lapacke? At least the former now
comes up besides math/blas in my patched packages (e.g. numpy). The mix
of math/ and wip/ there seems so fragile that I'd really like to jump to

.include "../../math/cblas/"
.include "../../mk/"

instead of

.include "../../wip/cblas/"
.include "../../mk/"

Also, then, wip/lapack can be removed without breaking those two
packages. Alternatively, I could just modify wip/cblas and wip/lapacke to
use math/lapack/Makefile.common for the interim. What is preferred?
I think it is rather fragile to have the wip packages depend on very
recent changes in pkgsrc cvs.

The actual integration of the dependencies on math/cblas can come
later, of course.

The current users of wip/cblas are:


There are no current users of wip/lapacke.

Alrighty then,


I'll be looking into all of this soon, maybe within a week pending my workload.



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