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Re: rust vs rust-bin

Nikita Gillmann <> writes:

> I want to test why bulkbuild does not recognize my tor with rust option.
> in my mk.conf I have (older entries):
> PKG_OPTIONS.rust+=rust-llvm
> PKG_OPTIONS.tor+=rust
> I don't know why but a recent upgrade installed rust-bin as preference
> over rust (dependency conflict).
> I'd like to keep it that way.

See lang/rust/
It contains RUST_TYPE that is a user-settable variable to choose
rust-bin vs rust.

For a while, RUST_TYPE defaulted to bin, and now it defults to src.

So if you want bin, put RUST_TYPE=bin in mk.conf.

> make in net/tor then goes on to fail to discover a lang/rust install
> and tries to build rust.

That's what is supposed to do.

> Can this behavior be prevented? rust-bin should be equal (in my case
> higher version in -bin) to the rust build from source in what they
> provide (rust).

We do not currently have support for "if rust-bin is installed, act as if
RUST_TYPE=bin".  So far adding that complexity doesn't seem on balance
helpful; it just moves around who is having trouble with what.

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