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Re: Fix for x11-links to build wm/libAppleWM on macOS

On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 01:47:36AM +0200, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
 > in order for wm/libAppleWM to find applewmproto.pc on macOS and build as
 > expected, I had to modify pkgtools/x11-links as per the patch attached. I
 > have Xquartz installed locally in /opt/X11, and X11_TYPE is set to "native"
 > as per the default on macOS.
 > I am not familiar with this infrastructure in pkgsrc and would appreciate
 > feedback on this change.

I think these should go in their own file (xorg.applewmproto) and not
in xorg.xorgproto. (Unless applewmproto isn't a separate thing and the
applewmproto files can be expected to always come with xorgproto;
maybe that's the case. But if it's not, putting them here will cause
native xorgproto to be dropped anytime they aren't found, and then you
effectively won't be able to use native X.)

 > +lib/pkgconfig/applewm.pc

also isn't this part of libAppleWM and not applewmproto? And if
applewmproto comes with native X, shouldn't a matching libAppleWM also
come with?

David A. Holland

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