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Re: Requesting review of new interchangeable BLAS components

On 10/5/20 11:09 AM, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
1. Add mk/ from wip/mk.
1a. Add wip/openblas, wip-openblas_openmp, and wip/openblas_pthread.

  a) They don't hurt and are only installed if explcitly
     requested (also no conflict with math/blas, math/lapack).
  b) Otherwise, we'd need to modify to remove
     them as options to avoid depending on wip packages.

I think it's less work overall to add the OpenBLAS packages early on.
As nothing relies on them yet except via As long as
we keep netlib as default choice, nothing can break.

I think it should be fine to install mk/ in its final form before the openblas packages are added.  This won't cause any regressions since Netlib is the default implementation, and if someone overrides it to use openblas, they'll simply get a temporary build error due to their own changes.

Also, if we install the openblas packages before mk/, people will be tempted to explicitly include them as dependencies.  I'd rather get the new framework into place and make an announcment on pkgsrc-users@ about using it before providing the other implementations.



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