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macOS 11 fix (was: macOS 11 POC)

Hi Chris,

> Op 26 aug. 2020, om 22:54 heeft Chris Hanson <> het volgende geschreven:
> [...]
>> 2. Look for .tdb in the SDK instead of installed .dylibs in /usr/lib.
> This is the route I would take if you absolutely need to know whether a library is present.
> To find the macOS SDK provided by the selected Xcode, you can use xcrun and pass its identifier:
>  $ xcrun --toolchain default --sdk macosx --show-sdk-path
>  /Applications/

When I went to add this to mk/, I noticed it was already
there, including some logic to make sure it's the right SDK version.

-_OPSYS_LIB_DIRS?=	/usr/lib

This path will be checked for lib${_lib_}.* in mk/buidlink3/
which matches the .tbd files and it all works.

Thanks for your excellent elaboration on the target aspects and
code signing - I'm familiar with them but it's a good refresher.
As for code signing, the ad hoc signing seems to suffice for now
if I read the documentation correctly*. I agree signing with Apple
developer certificates would be a good feature.

> [...]

Attached a simple patch fixing the issue for review. Barring comments
I'll commit it later this week.


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