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rust and NetBSD/sparc64

Martin and I have been investigating rust and NetBSD/sparc64.

My current impression is that the bootstrap kit, while from Jul 6, uses
NetBSD 8 base openssl, not pkgsrc openssl, and therefore the current
line in lang/rust/Makefile that DEPENDS on openssl for sparc64 is wrong.

(Alternatively one could view that the bootstrap should have been built
with openssl from pkgsrc, and that the Makefile is right, but that seems
unhelpful, and may well be confused.)

There is a further wrinkle that pkgsrc/security/openssl does not build
on sparc64 and Martin will be sending a patch for review and pullup.

So, my proposed change is to not DPEEND on openssl for NetBSD/sparc64
(but keep the dependency on compat80).

I'd like to get this fixed and pulled up before we do anything more
complicated like update rust or change the bootstrap process; I'm hoping
that can be in the next few days.

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