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libXrender obsolete?


I'm wondering if we really need to keep x11/Xrender (not to be
confused with x11/libXrender). It packages an old version of the
x11/libXrender codebase.

It is marked as only-to-be-used with native X (not modular).

AFAICT the only use we have is in libXrender/, where its is included if:

.if ${X11_TYPE} != "modular" && \
    !exists(${X11BASE}/lib/pkgconfig/xrender.pc) && \
.include "../../x11/Xrender/"

This check has been there basically unchanged (except for the added
lib{ABISUFFIX} check) since the original import in 2006.

I suggest removing this ifdef block and the x11/Xrender package.

Or can anyone explain why it still might be useful today and should


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