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Re: WIP commit: Upgrade to Mailman 2.1.34

On 26/8/20 20:42, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> It seems mailman 3.3.1 is out the new major branch. Can I interest you
> in packaging that? :)

Migration to Mailman 3 is something I should do someday, but so far
mailman2 is good enough to me. Spare time is limited, I am afraid.

It is true that being "induced" to package mailman3 for pkgsrc could be
the push I need to actually migrate to new mailman. $DEITY knows that I
need some push for that, it is in my to do list for years.

That said, I must say that I am afraid I don't get the point of doing
pkgsrc packages of Python packages that can be easily installed via
regular "pip" (the python package index/installer). I am open/eager to
be convinced :-).

PS: I see a "mailman3" directory in WIP. What is missing to become a
regular pkgsrc package?

Thanks for your diligence.

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