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Re: lua virtual category

On 30.06.2020 15:28, nia wrote:

i would like to add a virtual category for "lua", similar to
the ones for "python", "gnome", etc.

initially i thought it could just be added to package makefiles,
but pkglint warns about an invalid category being used. is more
infrastrucutre work needed to add categories, or do they just
need to be added to pkglint?

Ideally, the first step for adding a new category were to document in
the pkgsrc guide what the purpose of these categories is.  This hasn't
been explained there for the last 20 years.

Do any package managers make use of this?  Can the packages be filtered
or searched by category?  These questions should be answered in the
pkgsrc guide, section components.Makefile.

At least the bulk builds don't generate the package symlinks in
packages/$category anymore.

Apart from the missing documentation, it's indeed just a small text
change in pkglint and the corresponding update to the list of valid
categories in the pkgsrc guide.

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