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[HEADS UP] Freeze for 2020Q2 and new rules for 2020Q3


I'll start the freeze for pkgsrc-2020Q2 on Monday, June 22 (before
noon UTC depending on my availability), going for one to two weeks.

The usual freeze rules apply -- no infrastructure changes or updates
of packages that are used by other packages without prior
approval by pkgsrc-pmc.

Leaf updates are fine (especially security updates), but please also
direct your energy into fixing broken packages -- see e.g.


(both x86_64) or

(aarch64) for some targets.

I'd also like to point out that in the interest of stability of
branches, starting after 2020Q2, the following rules will be in

In particular, this restricts updates of packages that have caused
major breakage in the past to the first half of the quarter.


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