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Re: rust, rust-bin, bulk builds

On 12.06.2020 23:55, Roland Illig wrote:
On 04.06.2020 17:06, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
Actually rust from 2020Q1 seems to be building reliably on -9, when
using MAKE_JOBS=1 (for some reason, MAKE_JOB_SAFE=no is not enough).

Are you sure that you didn't mix up 2020Q1 and trunk here?

Because if you are indeed sure, my below explanation doesn't make sense
anymore.  My explanation only applies to trunk, since in 2020Q1 the
condition for MAKE_JOBS_SAFE is simply ${OPSYS} == "NetBSD", which works

Setting MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no is enough.  To have an effect though, it _has_
to be set.

Since 2020-05-21, MAKE_JOBS_SAFE is not set on NetBSD anymore.  It would
have only been set if the NetBSD version were both 9.99.* _and_
[1-9][0-9].* at the same time, which is syntactically impossible.  The
&& should have been an || and should have been properly enclosed in

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