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Re: make show-cargo-depends stopped working

> I currently have no energy or time to fix this but the
> show-cargo-depends rule is broken.
> I'm trying to update www/zola to 0.11.0 and it returns empty after
> configure.
> Could someone fix this so that it runs as expected again?

Hm, it looks like show-cargo-depends depends on the [metadata]
section of the Cargo.lock file, an example is cbindgen which
still has it, but the new zola doesn't.

If you modify ../../lang/rust/ at the end to be

	${RUN}${AWK} '/^name = / { split($$3, a, "\""); name=a[2]; } \
		/^version = / { split($$3, a, "\""); vers=a[2]; \
		print "CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS+=\t" name "-" vers; next }' \
		${WRKSRC}/Cargo.lock | ${GREP} -v ${PKGNAME}

it should print the new zola dependencies.  Whether it's robust
is another matter.  At least better than nothing...


- Håvard

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