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Re: Running bulk builds for finding bugs in packages

On May 30, 2020, at 3:34 AM, Roland Illig <> wrote:
> A few days ago, I added a section to the pkgsrc guide containing ideas
> for bulk builds with non-default configurations, to find packages that
> don't stick to the pkgsrc conventions or to best practices.
> Did I miss any important build variants? Or are there any details that I
> got wrong or that should have been explained better?

Hi, Roland!

Very nice additions!  Thanks!

A few comments:

1. In the “Strict SUBST blocks” section, it talks about future improvements and development effort involving modifying mk/  The guide doesn’t really feel like the right place for that to me; maybe better would be in your own notes or a pkgsrc/NetBSD wiki page.  Also, in this section, I was expecting info on what variable I need to set in mk.conf to enable the strict SUBST block checks.

2. s/compilers also detects/compilers also detect/

3. s/no-op\./no-op:/

Thanks again for your excellent work on pkgsrc and pkglint!


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