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Re: Clash of lib64 symlink and R extensions in wrappers

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> writes:

> as I wrote earlier, I'm setting a lib64 → lib symlink in the pkgsrc
> prefix to ensure libs there are found before other random locations in
> the system becuase of the search order of gcc, which prefers any lib64
> before any lib, to summarize.

So you are saying that even given a search path that puts /usr/pkg/lib
before /usr/lib64, the base system gcc on ? flavor of GNU/Linux is
choosing the one in /usr/lib64 first?

> Suggestions? Of course I'd like to have a sane search behaviour for
> gcc, but I won't be able to change distro compilers like on CentOS.

Why can't you just apply a patch to the gcc package to fix it, rebuild
it, and install the upgraded package on your package build system?

You could also build a gcc from pkgsrc and use that instead.

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