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Re: PKG_DEVELOPER=yes [Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/zig]

Perhaps we should think in terms of multiple levels of checks, rather
than PKG_DEVELOPER=yes or not.  As I see it there are multiple

  1) random users building packages
  2) users who are testing package changes for gnats or wip
  3) people with commit access to pkgsrc who are building/testing,
     perhaps prior to commit
  4) people who are looking for trouble
  5) bulk builds

It seems pretty clear that check strictness should be

  4 >= 3 >= 2 >= 1

It's not really clear how 5 should be set; I don't see any real argument
for 1 being less strict than 5. and I don't see why 4 should be stricter
than 1.

The other argument is the usual WARNS one: once a tree is pretty clean
at any particular warning level, it might as well become the default.

So overall I'd say (with the percentages being strawmen):

  If any check (whether PKG_DEVELOPER=yes or not) is such that >98%
  all packeges that build at all build with the check, just make it
  default. thus imposing it on 1-4 (and 5).

  If adding a check would cause some packages to fail, but say 90% of
  packages are ok with it, put it in PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.

  Declare that anyone who is sending a PR or commiting to pkgsrc proper
  or wip must set PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.

  Encourage people to set PKG_DEVELOPER_EXTRA=yes (which could be like
  CHECK_PORTABILITY_EXPERIMENTAL), for checks that will cause >10% of
  otherwise buildable existing packages to fail.  Hope these checks get promoted

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