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Re: Re-enabling cups option in gtk3

Leonardo Taccari writes:
> [...]
> writes:
> > [...]
> > As far as I can tell, there were two reasons not to enable cups in gtk3.
> > - Darwin mysteriously has problems with our cups package (weird, because
> >   cups is an apple thing)
> > - if CUPS is not running, trying to reach firefox's print dialog
> >   (ctrl+P) would wedge.
> > [...]
> I would add a third reason (and I think that was also pointed out last
> time in <>):
>  - IMO a GUI toolkit should not force the user to install a print server
> (...and at least last time I had checked it the `cups' option was
> disabled by default for all packages).
> [...]

I think there is also a possible 4th reason:

 - Enabling `cups' option in gtk3 will probably ends up in a dependency
   cycle if cups is build with the `avahi' option:
    + gtk3 needs cups -> cups needs avahi -> avahi needs gtk3

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