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PKGREVISION of lang/gcc8-libs

In gcc7 and gcc8's Makefile there is a comment like this:

## When bumping the PKGREVISION of this package the PKGREVISION of
## lang/gcc8-libs needs to be bump to be at least 1 more than the
## PKGREVISION of this package!

and in gcc8-libs it explains why:

## The PKGREVISION of this package needs to be at least 1 more than the
## PKGREVISION of the lang/gcc8 package so that with the dependence
## '{gcc8,gcc8-libs}>=8.2.*' pkg_add will choose gcc8-libs over gcc8.

When I bumped gcc7 because of the precompiled header patches I added, I
also had to bump gcc7-libs.

I'm about to add the same patches to gcc8, but before doing that, I
though that maybe it makes sense to simply bump the gcc8-libs to nb100
or so. Then it doesn't need to be changed so often.

Or am I overlooking something that makes that unworkable?

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