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Re: Re-enabling cups option in gtk3

(Gotta reply awkwardly, I don't subscribe to the mailing list...)

On Sat, May 09, 2020 at 11:59:07AM +0200, Leonardo Taccari wrote:
> I would add a third reason (and I think that was also pointed out last
> time in <>):
>  - IMO a GUI toolkit should not force the user to install a print server
> (...and at least last time I had checked it the `cups' option was
> disabled by default for all packages).
> Also, why should it be enabled by default? (I think that it provides a
> more customized print "widget" when printing via, e.g.
> `gtk3-demo --run=printing' but this and previous discussion did not
> clearly mention that)
> I would prefer that it is disabled by default for the 3rd reason.

So, CUPS consists of two parts:
- The printing server
- libcups, and I assume GTK3 wants to use libcups to speak to CUPS.

I could attempt to split CUPS into two parts, a very bare bones
no-server libcups and the server.
I don't know whether it'll win any minimalism contests, it probably
would still require as many dependencies.

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