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Re: libnbcompat implementation (AIX)

On Thu, May 07, 2020 at 12:13:40PM -0400, Louis Guillaume wrote:
> I was afraid of this answer! I did try it, though and there's no difference
> in the build. I've set "USE_FEATURES" and "MISSING_FEATURES" but it seems to
> be ignored.
> Now I just noticed something when looking at this message...
>    ld: 0706-027 The -R /opt/pkg/lib flag is ignored.
> Bootstrap apparently didn't create an /opt/pkg/lib!! It's just not there.
> Hmm... I probably have to go back to the bootstrap at this point.
> Thanks for looking.
> --
> Louis

Ah, mk/platform/ probably needs this at least:


But yes, if there's not a libnbcompat in /opt/pkg/lib I think you're in

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