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Re: new package: mail/akpop3d


thanks for your contribution.

Can those patches be upstreamed or were they already (attempted)
upstreamed? Especially the ones which necessitate entries to the manpage
make it seem like this is a modification upstream should consider.

The patches at large are undocumented, it would be good if you could
document them if they are yours transcribed 12K bytes:
> Hello.
> I ported akpop3d from OpenBSD ports collection
> (
> The package builds and runs fine on my NetBSD 8.2 ((GENERIC) #0: Tue Mar
> 31 05:08:40 UTC 2020 
> i386)
> with up to date packages.
> Could you please review and commit it to pkgsrc if found good?
> --
> Alexei

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