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Re: increasingly packages need gtar or pax-with-libarchive

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> If we instead signal to the infrastructure what is required to
> successfully extract, and let that figure out the best way for the
> host in question, then everyone wins.

Except those on platforms with not-good-enough extractors by default,
because others won't notice and there will be lots of catchup.

WHere I am heading is to require bsdtar on NetBSD (not per package),
basically saying that the default EXTRACT_USING tool has to cope with
the typical formats observed in the wild.  Do you object to that?

(Regardless, if you want to define properties of tarballs that are
beyond some base, declare them in packages, and do something more
complicated, I don't object.  It's merely that I think the bigger hammer
should be used on NetBSD.)

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