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Re: graphics/gegl: fixing MacOS issues

> On Feb 24, 2020, at 3:51 PM, wrote:
> Oh and also: I think while your patch fixes the build, it breaks at runtime. gegl expects the files to be called .so and not .dylib, and GIMP will not launch. This is why I came up with the patch in the linked PR.

Yes, I have since realized the runtime problem, which also occurs with gegl trying to find babl.  I did not realize that these programs assume *.so when loading.  Is the name of these libraries not buried in the code somewhere?  Does it not make more sense to change the name of the file being looked up to preserve the platform-specific norms of *.dylib versus *.so?  Did you look into that at all?  I’m thinking that other tools would expect *.dylib on MacOS and be fooled by your renaming.  But perhaps not.

Perhaps you have already considered all this and come to the conclusion that the name switch is the best option.


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