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Re: graphics/babl: fixes for MacOS

> On Feb 22, 2020, at 5:20 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger <> wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 05:17:01PM -0700, Brook Milligan wrote:
>> The graphics/babl package also has issues on MacOS.  These include the
>> wrong extension for libraries (.dylib v. .so) and that the loader does
>> not support —version-script.  I have attached a patch for existing files
>> and a new patch file that solves these issues.
> Might be easier to just BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM the -Wl,-version-script flag
> away.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried the following in the Makefile (please correct me if that is not what you meant):

BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM.Darwin+=	rm:-Wl,--version-script,

However, it does not seem to remove the option.  The .work.log file has this in the relevant (executed) command:

-Wl,--version-script -Wl,

It looks like it is being split into two options rather than being removed.



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