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Re: import wip/prosody

Am 18.01.2020 um 20:30 schrieb Greg Troxel:
   -USE_LANGUAGES+=        c c99
   +USE_LANGUAGES=         c99
   I thought we have a notion that USE_LANGUAGES should always be +=, but
   reading the docs I see that this is not required and what you did is
   arguably better to remove the default of c.

pkglint detects practically all cases where variables are overwritten or
redundant. Therefore I don't see a reason to require the += operator, or
to document anything about this in the pkgsrc guide.

   MASTER_SITES and HOMEPAGE are http, not https.  This is unlikely to be
   still correct.

For prosody, there is nothing pkglint can check here, due to its strict
no-network-access policy. I have implemented something else though.

Starting from pkglint 19.4.4, all http URLs for HOMEPAGE are flagged by
pkglint, unless they have a rationale stating that https indeed doesn't
work. This affects 8714 packages, which is quite a lot, given that https
has been around for 25 years. URLs that are known to support https can
be autofixed by pkglint. The others need to be checked manually.

For MASTER_SITES it doesn't matter whether the URLs use http or https
since we check the downloaded files against the hashes in distinfo.

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