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Re: Python module naming convention

Frédéric Fauberteau <> writes:

> Hi all,
> I just added the python-digitalocean module as net/py-digitalocean
> because I found that py-python- was redundant. I wanted to look at
> other packages to see which master sites were used and I found that
> the guys of FreeBSD ports chose www/py-python-digitalocean as name of
> package. After inspecting our pkgsrc tree, I found some packages for
> which the prefix python- was left in the name:
> * databases/py-python-sql
> * devel/py-python-dotenv
> * devel/py-python-slugify
> * lang/py-python-lua
> * lang/py-pythonz
> * www/py-python-digest
> * www/py-python-mimeparse
> * www/py-python3-digest
> Now, I think I should rename net/py-digitalocean in
> net/py-python-digitalocean to respect the name of the module. Before
> doing that, I would like to know if a convention is commonly used in
> pkgsrc.

We'll what Adam says as the one who does the most python updates.

My quick reaction is that while py-python-foo reads a bit awkwardly,
saying our rule is to prefix py- in front of the upstream name seems

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