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libreoffice fails on netbsd-8

(Someone mailed me about libreoffice problems and I think I somehow lost
that message.)

On at least one netbsd-8/amd64 system, misc/libreoffice fails.

The basic issue seems to be when libreoffice's build system checks for
fontconfig, and there is a claim that fontconfig requires a particular
version of freetype2.  The native freetype2 is older than the
claimed-needed version, but pkgsrc freetype2 is ok.

However, adding in bl3 of freetype2 and setting API_DEPENDS did not seem
to help, and I can't find the pkgconfig data that claims that the lower
version isn't ok.

So if anyone has a netbsd-8 box handy, and wants to try building
libreoffice, I would be interested to hear if it works or not, and what
you think about why.

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