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Re: Remove partial-extraction hack for Python modules

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

> Hello all,
> we build a number of Python packages separately as they require
> additional depencies. Those are:
>   databases/py-gdbm
>   databases/py-sqlite3
>   devel/py-curses
>   devel/py-cursespanel
>   devel/py-idle
>   devel/py-readline
>   textproc/py-cElementTree
>   textproc/py-expat
>   x11/py-Tk
> For historic reasons, those only extract a small part of the Python
> distfile and hack around the patch failure for non-existing files by
> ignoring the error status. I think that hack has mostly outlived its
> usefulness. Recent changes in Python 3.8 for example broke all the
> packages by requiring additional files to be extracted. The attached
> patch removes the hack. Downside is that it will require more disk space
> and associated writes during a build.
> Joerg

I'm generally in favor of less magic and less fragile, and don't mind a
bit of slower to get that.  I wonder if you have any quantitative
estimate, but I guess it's 9 copies of the unpacked python distfile,
minus the bits that are needed, so maybe 9*0.98.  Guessing from 'xzcat'
size on 3.8, that seems like 738 MB of extra write load for a full bulk
build, about 80 MB per package above.  I'd expect most people building
more than a few to have a decent-sized tmpfs and workdir on it, so I
would guess this doesn't really hurt.

Is that how you see it?

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