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Re: wip/py-yapf

Am 16.12.2019 um 14:44 schrieb Adam:

would it be okay to import wip/py-yapf into tree after a final check?

I've been using this for somewhere close to 6 months now for
software which relies on yapf in its development process.

CC'd nils as the maintainer of the package in wip.

But, please:
1. use MASTER_SITE_PYPI:=y/yapf

Is there any way in which pkglint could check for this, given its strict
no-network-access policy? I would be willing make pkglint search in the
distfiles that have already been downloaded to the standard location,
but even there I found only a mention in README.rst, which would require
analysis of natural language to be reasonably sure.

Anyway, url2pkg already handles this case, since 19.3.anything.

2. install as yapf-${PYVERSSUFFIX} (with a dash)

Is that a general rule? A quick scan over pkgsrc revealed 187 binaries
without the dash and 310 binaries with the dash. That's something
pkglint could warn about, but only if there is indeed a preference for
one of the cases. :)


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