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Qt4 deprecation plan - summary


I have upgraded what possible (around 20 packages).

There are pending actions for:

 - picard (upgrade patch shared with nia@)
 - bzr-explorer + qbzr/qbrz (rhialto@)
 - gnuradio packages (gdt@)
 - gns3 (markd@)
 - fbreader (maya@)
 - scidavis + qwtplot3d-qt4 (bouyer@ ?)
 - scribus-qt4 (nia@)
 - merkaartor (gdt@)

There is KDE4 left with its dependencies.

Besides KDE4, there are also:

 - qbrew [dead]
 - xxdiff [quasi-dead]
 - FlightCrew [39 revbumps?]
 - ibus-qt + kimera + scim (ryoon@ ?)
 - owncloud (ryoon@ ?)
 - bacula-qt-console + bacula-tray-monitor (markd@ ?)

Nice to have is to make py-qt5 aware about multiple python versions.
This was recently enhanced by bouyer@. This mostly affects software that
is restricted to python2.

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