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Re: Qt4 removal plan

On 26.10.2019 16:45, Rhialto wrote:
> On Sat 26 Oct 2019 at 14:57:10 +0200, Rhialto wrote:
>>  - devel/bzr-gtk (but it depends on gtk2, and I tried quickly but could
>>    not get it to work)
> For some reason, bzr-gtk 0.100.0 has no manual page and the supplied
> shell scripts abort with exceptions. But "bzr vis(ualize)" actually does
> something.
> There is a newer version of bzr-viz (two even), 0.104.0 (according to
>; released on 2012-04-10) but the "project
> homepage" at only knows up to
> 0.103.0 (and the download links are all dead).
> According, too, to that page, these plugins work (at best) with bzr up
> to 2.5, and we already had bzr 2.6 in pkgsrc (which was very outdated
> already).
> I have updated bzr itself already to 2.7.0 (from 15-Feb-2016).
> Bazaar itself seems dead, if you look at releases, but there is activity
> in a "friendly fork" called brz (Breezy)
> so there may be hope for it. (And it is based on python 3)
> I could update bzr-gtk to said version 0.104.0 and it partially works;
> it seems to fail in different places than 0.100.0 which we have now.
> Shall I do that?

Well.. bzr is pretty abandoned. Do we need to keep it around in the
first place?

There is a community fork for bzr (with py3 support) called breezy:

I propose to drop all the bazar software and import brz. I don't know
the state of GUIs for it.

> -Olaf.

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